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Your customer feedback

👣William Podiatrist Breal sous Monfort (35):

The caps are superbly successful. Thank you for your feedback.

🎀Stéphanie Sage Femme Pont château

(44) .I received my over gowns, they are superb.

🦷Anaïs Dentiste Pleslin -Trivagou (22): The caps are perfect, thank you for your feedback

💉Medina Anesthesiologist Avranches 50: The caps are all a success between patients and also between the nursing staff, it brings a beautiful smile to many, and it helps them to relax and gain confidence in their doctor.

👄Céline Dental Assistant Villars les Dombes (01) The caps are great. Thank you for your feedback.

👣Julie Podiatrist Fecamp (76)

Jaya star collar blouse: Perfect. Thank you for your feedback.

🦶Philippe Podiatrist Toulouse (31):

Jérôme Men's Blouse: very good, pretty well-cut shape.

🦷💋David Dentiste Paris 75: I just had my first week at the office with my "biscarosse" caps and I wanted to tell you that they have been very successful with my colleagues as well as my patients. I'm delighted, they put a little color in our outfit.

Suggestion from our customer David to make more sizes in our caps: We now offer our customers on request by email: We will make the sizes adapted to your head circumference.

🦷💋Guillaume dentiste Capbreton 40: I wear them every day without any discomfort and they are very pretty.

💉Christelle Ibode Caen (14): I received my cap, it's just brilliant. I'll put it in the OR tomorrow! Thank you.

👄🦷Florian Futur Dental surgeon (57) YUTZ; Timeless cap; I find it great and I intend to test them in real conditions this week.

Christelle Podologue🐾 Bourg la Reine 98: Cap with optional pair of buttons to relieve the mask: I received my pretty caps.

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